Slovenia’s Topless Hotties For 2016 Calendar

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bill-swift - February 19, 2016

Egotastic is a globally recognized destination site for sextastic women and as such we do our best to highlight the hotness in every land across this spinning home planet of ours. Including the most graciously blessed ladies of Slovenia as shot by long time EgoReader and photographer extraordinaire, Ales Bravnicar. Ales got struck by the good luck branch in life and has been tasked routinely with the creation of the Made in Slovenia calendar featuring the most heavenly female forms of his homeland and a gaggle of gorgeous ladies without their tops on you really must ogle.

No single nation has a monopoly on alluring women with enticing bodies. The sextastic is a universal force that knows now political borders or boundaries. That shouldn't frighten you, it should elate you. Digital media has made the world smaller and smaller, meaning more and more ridiculously tingle inducing women you may otherwise never have feasted peeps upon are now on your computer screen. All hail Slovenian hotties. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Ales Bravnicar

Ales work on the 2011 Made in Slovenia calendar stil an epic showcase for hot Slovenian models....