Anja Rubik is Nude!

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Echo Lawrence - May 13, 2020

We posted ANJA RUBIK'S PAID CAMPAIGN on our sister site earlier today, but we are far more of her "artistic" editorials that she's nude in.

Coincidentally, we came across this nude shoot she was involved in and though, that's random since we just posted something that brand Zara probably paid a million dollars for. Which in and of itself is crazy for a lot of reasons, the main one being that I doubt that 36 year old model, despite her willing to get nude for her craft, really pushes that many sales, while instagrammers of lesser levels of "premium" probably can and would do the campaign for a fraction of what she is getting paid.

I guess that is what separates the professionals from the do it yourselves!

I am not too sure what this is for, but a top paid "money girl" as they are called nude just has more value or perceived value than a random nude girl on the internet, so let's appreciate that!


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