Stella Maxwell Has A Nip Slip In London

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michael-garcia - September 20, 2016

Hottie with a body Stella Maxwell slipped a nip while out on the town during London Fashion Week. It's not really a surprise that Stella's nip came out to play. She was wearing a dress that was open down to her belly button. All it would take is for the tape or whatever she was using to keep that dress on in defiance of the will of God to come unstuck and then you get a nip slip. Stella has a righteous pair of ta-tas that look highly motorboatable to me. She's got a pair of pretty pink nips that I would personally like to gnaw on for a bit. But alas, I will never get the chance. Unless I get super rich really quickly or famous. That's the only way you get to date a model of Stella's caliber. You have to be Leo DiCaprio basically.

But in the meantime we have these pics of Stella's lovely nips to tide us over. 


Photo Credit: FameFlynet/Splash