Check Out Betty Gilpin’s Sexiest Topless Scenes From ‘Nurse Jackie’

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aldo-vallon - July 8, 2018

That is a world class pair of ta-tas that Betty Gilpin has on her. I would like to extend a very gracious thank you to whoever was responsible for convincing her to go full frontal. He is a truly a champion for the people. And if it was Betty’s idea then I applaud her gumption. If more women had her go get it attitude then maybe there would be less shows getting canceled every year.

Some people are mixed in regards to the amount of nudity that should be included in television and movies. I have a friend who does not like. He is straight, I swear. He just feels that if he wanted to watch a bunch of sex and nudity then he would have watched porn. But when he watches fiction then he wants a story with dialogue. I understand this line of thinking, but he is dead wrong. Not all of us have the amount of leisure time that he has to watch both porn and T.V. Sometimes it is convenient for me to cram both into one timeslot. I am all about efficiency, and this really helps me keep my numbers up.


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