Super Hottie Jasmina Topless Tease

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bill-swift - February 24, 2016

I typically don't condone the use of one name by models. But if you think I'm going to look Jasmina in the face while she stands naked before me and tell her she needs to modify her nomenclature, you are sadly mistaken. It would be far more likely me mumbling and tearing up trying to get out words. And definitely not looking her in the face. Maybe a bit lower.

Featured in this Beat Baschuna topless teasing photoshoot, one fine looking female lady person removing her bra has the power of the entire world at her disposal. One man at a time or en masse. I can play the role of sheep as long as Jasmina plays the role of shearing farmer and really gets all the hair. Staring into the perfect sweet funbags of Jasmina, I'm reminded just how much I need to start pretending I'm not as much of a dirty monkey as I am when I'm actually in her presence. Then while her guard is down I'll lure her to my castle to do horrible horrible things to me with those beautiful bare breasts. Can you really injure a man with just amazing breasts? We need to try. For science. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Beat Baschung