Super Slender Chloe Skyy Strips Off Her Tiny Thong

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aldo-vallon - April 22, 2018

How am I supposed to pronounce the word Skyy? Should I just be ignoring the second Y like with the name Lloyd? Or am I supposed to be holding that second Y like I am stepping into a hot tub that is just above my comfort range?

I do not like having this much trouble with a name. Normally it is just the Slavic ones that give me a hard time, but if bastardized versions of English words can give me trouble then I do not like where the future is heading. That isn’t really a change for me, I haven’t liked the future for some time, but that had more to do with my distaste for change. Now that I am becoming more and more illiterate it seems like I have a legitimate reason. This bothers me.

Not even the sight of this Skyyyyyy girl stripping off her clothes is enough to turn my spirits around. I might as well give up now. I can break my lease and begin the inevitable next period of my life as a homeless beggar. It will be a simple life, and very cold in the winter, but it won’t be without its perks. I would then be able to wear the same clothes every day, and I’d have the opportunity to scream at the heavens without being judged.


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