Sydney Ladd In “Housekeeper” For Nakid Magazine

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brian-mcgee - December 7, 2017

I know that the whole point of having a housekeeper is so that you can leave the house and get other things done while your house is being clean, but if Sydney Ladd were my housekeeper, I'd never leave the house. Ever. I think this absolutely devastatingly beautiful woman deserves a song of equal devastation and beauty for the latest edition of everyone's favorite, Jukebox Selects!

I suppose there are pros and cons to having a housekeeper as gorgeous and prone to being naked around the house as Sydney. I mean, the cons are a high hurdle because they involve nothing getting cleaned and you never getting out of the house, but I think they're outweighed by those two pros located several inches below her neck, if you catch my drift.

So for Sydney, the hottest housekeeper in the history of the profession, I present the immortal Barry Gibb-penned and Dionne Warwick crooned song "Heartbreaker." Why do you have to be a heartbreaker, Sydney? Life's just not fair, and not just because you'll never be my housekeeper. Well, actually, that's probably the best example of why life isn't fair I can think of right now. 

Photo Credit: Nakid Magazine (2017)