TBT: Can We Just Appreciate Cindy Crawford’s Amazing Boobs Before Kaia Gerber Steals The Spotlight?

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earl-jonas - September 5, 2019

Cindy Crawford's daughter Kaia Gerber just turned eighteen-years-old on September 3rd, which means that inevitably we're going to start posting about here on here because, hey, Uncle Sam says it's chill. But between you me and Dupree, Kaia Gerber will never be more buzz-worthy than her gorgeous mama. That's right. I think Cindy Crawford is hot. Guess I'm just a quirky guy like that.

Anyway you might not know that Crawford stripped down on screen when she made her foray into cinema in the 90s and 00s. She showed off her perfect breasts in 1995's Fair Game and took a hot naked bath in The Simian Line in 2000. A year before her daughter was born. Yikes. Kaia, can't wait to see your tits, and Cindy, thanks for the nudity. I love family.

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