TBT: Greta Gerwig Nude in ‘Nights and Weekends’

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brian-mcgee - October 5, 2017

Greta Gerwig is getting some Oscar buzz for her upcoming solo directorial debut, Lady Bird, but we've got our focus on her 2008 co-directorial debut Nights and Weekends. Greta and co-star Joe Swanberg shared directing duties on this relationship drama and also got down to business with some barely simulated sex scenes!

While there's no official confirmation that there was penetration in this flick, there's definitely genital to genital contact and he's sporting an erection in both scenes, so you tell me. While Greta hasn't totally turned her back on her mumblecore roots, her nude scenes have gotten fewer and far between in the last few years. I think her last nude scene may have been in Greenberg and that was in 2010.

While it's nice to see a gorgeous actress like Greta enjoying tons of success and critical acclaim, we long for the days where she did movies where she may or may not have had sex with the leading actor. At least we can always go back to those days and check in on them, with our eyes peeled for penetration, as always. 

Image via IFC Films