The Gorgeous Awa Florence Poses Nude

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brian-mcgee - January 9, 2018

If this is your introduction to Awa Florence, as it was mine, allow me to be the first to welcome you to the fan club! Awa is photogenic as hell and definitely knows how to strike poses that land in that truly sweet spot between strong and vulnerable. It's a difficult place to stay, as a model, but when you've got it—as Awa does—you fucking flaunt it!

The art school dropout in me wants to talk about the contrast between Awa in a black leather jacket and Awa in a pair of lily white stockings. The things this photographer is trying to tell us. It's interesting to see artists provoke in such blatantly obvious ways, a tact the idealistic artist in us all can't help but admire. 

Consider my seat on the Awa Florence bandwagon permanently booked. I would also invite any and all of you to hop aboard. There's still plenty of room, and she is an absolute knock out. I look forward to seeing whatever she wears—and more importantly doesn't wear—next. Awa, you just made a couple hundred fans for life.

Photo Credit: Photographer Cory Vanderploeg for Sticks and Stones Mothership