The B-Cups on Cowgirl Kenzie Reeves

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aldo-vallon - February 14, 2018

 There is a fine line between a girl wearing a necklace that can be considered a choker and one that is simply a collar. That line is finally broken when the collar turns out to be the same design as the dog collar my grandma bought for her Shih Tzu, Puddin'. In fact, given Kenzie Reeves's small physical stature it is possible that the dog and her wear the same size.

Wouldn't that be a great benefit to owning a pet, being able to trade clothes with them? I think that is one of the hidden benefits to having a gay relationship. You instantly double your wardrobe, and on birthdays you can have an excuse to buy clothes for them that you really want.

If Kenzie owned a dog her size then would have access to buying even sluttier looking Halloween costumes. Have you seen that state of modern dog costumes? It is like there are no standards at all. Most of them do not even come with any pants. Sure, that bumblebee costume might look adorable on that Labrador, but it is going to blow your dick off once you see it on Kenzie. 



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