The Mr. Skin Super Bowl Insane $4 Special Is Here, Because, It’s the Super Bowl!

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bill-swift - February 6, 2016

Two things in life are guaranteed the first week in February. I'm going to lose my Super Bowl bet and I'm going to beg Mr. Skin to give my readers another shot at redemption with the super low cost chance to get in on some Mr. Skin everyday celebrity skin filled fun time. I've got the Panthers minus points.  

You can get Mr. Skin over the Super Bowl weekend for just $4 a month.

Four freaking dollars. That's, um, one beer. Or one tenth of one beer if you're buying at the actual game itself in Santa Clara. This is the time to get in on some skin, win with some skin, and put some skin into the game. That's all I've got.

Mr. Skin for four friggin' dollars!

Also, while you're at it, double down with Naked News for only four more dollars per month. For all the best in online entertainment, this is your time, this is your place, this is your deal. You might fap yourself to death, but what a way to go. Enjoy.