Throwback Emily Ratajkowski Nude Pics She Doesn’t Want You to See

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Tex Hollywood - December 26, 2019

I know we've been lagging on the updates, we have some exciting changes or plans in store for you in 2020, that may or may not actually happen but it will still be worth coming through to see if we've stuck to our plans.

But I wanted to check in this GLORIOUS day after Christmas, to remind you that celebrity nudity, or really all nudity is still going to happen right here for years to come. Probably more now than ever thanks to social media girls all wanting to be famous, and knowing nudity gets you there so you don't need to worry about us ever actually leaving you...

Speaking of Social Media Girls wanting to be famous, Emily Ratajkowski, who you all know as the girl who makes way too much money on social media thanks to showing her tits in a few key strategic projects, like the BLURRED LINES video...did a shoot in in 2012 or 2013 with photographer Jonathan Leder at IMPERIAL PUBLISHING .

In fact, she seduced or recruited or begged the known photographer to shoot her. She even got herself up to his studio in Upstate New York, where they spent two nights together creating some real hot pics. Hot pics that she had her aggressive lawyer named MARTY SINGER (google him) try to squash now that she had used him in the early part of her career and didn't want him making money off her image now that she's a "thing" (barely a thing). Pretty rude if you ask me.

Well, she didn't have a valid case, and now the photographer and his publishing house are releasing the images in a beautiful limited edition art book and I find the whole thing hilarious because I know how much Emily Ratajkowski doesn't want you to see them, making it all the hotter.

I am sure you have seen some of these pics, because you're a celebrity nudity expert, unfortunately not quite as lucrative as being a stock market expert, or even a expert at pretty much anything else, but it is still a skill and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

I think it's great timing for the pics as we roll into "new years" because of that whole NEW YEAR NEW YOU mantra that clearly happened to Emily Ratajkowski's face over the years. You don't really notice it when you look at her now, but the side by side is gnarly. Is this even the same person?!

NOW GET THE BOOK HERE (if you're into that kind of thing, which you are).