Top Six Biggest Natural Boobs In Hollywood, Featuring, Duh, Alexandra Daddario

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earl-jonas - October 10, 2019

We love all kinds of boobs here, but between me you and Dupree, I like 'em natural. And I like 'em big. Guess I'm just zany like that. The boobs on this list might night technically be the largest in the biz (though they're pretty dayum big) but they're au naturel and perfect in every way. You don't want the biggest avocado at the supermarket. You want the one that feels the best when you squeeze it. Enjoy...

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6) Sophie Rundel in Episodes


5) Monica Bellucci in Malèna


4) Kelly Brook in Survival Island


3) Alexandra Daddario in True Detective


2) Pam Grier in Coffy


1) Eva Amurri in Californication