Veronica Aubert Topless by the Window

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aldo-vallon - October 3, 2017

 If Veronica Aubert is not careful she might actually open up those blinds. And how embarrassing would that be, having the neighbors catch you in your birthday suit? I know that is still unlikely given that she is using one of those dowel rods. Everyone knows those things are virtually useless. I can twist it around a dozen times in the same direction and the blinds will not have moved aside from a light breeze. How is it possible that we can make so many advancements in the modern age, but the common layman is still subjected to such inequities? That is the sole reason why I have curtains over my windows instead of blinds. I do not have time to be messing with something so trivial. When I want something closed, I need it closed that very moment. Sometimes it is truly important, like when I enter the bathroom. And that reminds me of another grievance I have had for some time, why the hell are their windows in bathrooms anyway? That is just playing with fire. At least once a year I find myself in a friends bathroom nude with the window open. one of these days it will bite me in the rear, it's only a matter of time.


Photo Credit: Jonathan Fiedler