Whoa Does Divina At Playboy Have The Best Motorboat-Worthy Breasts Ever?

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earl-jonas - October 10, 2019


Divina is a stunning nude model who recently bared all for the fine folks at Playboy Plus. In her spread she seductively strips out of her jeans and modified wife beater to reveal her flawless and curvy bod. And what's the best part of said flawless and curvy bod? Those huge stage four motorboat-worthy boobs.

It's not just the fact that they're so huge and round that makes Divina's boobs perfect for sticking your head in between. Oh no sir. She has some decent square footage in between her teaters - a vast fertile valley between the majestic mountains if you will - allowing plenty of space to nestle in your head as you motorboat those things like your life depends on it. And I know firsthand because Divina and I have done it. Yeah. That's right. She's my girlfriend. JK I'm so lonely.

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