Why Do Lisa Rinna and Helen Hunt Need to Be ‘Starred’ When Out Over the Weekend?

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bill-swift - June 4, 2012

Shouldn't these two 48-year old moms know better than to go out to their fancy events over the weekend in black dresses that showed off their knockers right through their respective tops? Well, personally, we hope they never learn.

Lisa Rinna was out pimping some jewelry store opening in Vegas over the weekend, a truly righteous cause for the shopping class, and she donned a frock that pretty much left no material to the imagination, as her perky pair where entirely visible with every flash of the paparazzi bulbs. In great detail.

As for Helen Hunt, granted, she was at the Global Green event over the weekend in her little black dress, trying to save the planet by way of not wearing a bra, I suppose saving some non-replenishible material, and, in the process, given a starrable showing of her own funbags beneath her dress. Unexpected, but there's no reason going green can't also mean going commando. It's the true naturist calling. Enjoy.

P.S. This whole braless thing really caught on over the weekend, as veteran actress Meg Ryan decide to hit the streets of The Big Apple without any undergarment herself. We like this trend indeed.