2017 NU Muses Calendar Hot Naked Peeks

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bill-swift - November 30, 2016

I don't know who your muses are, but mine happen to be wicked hot young models who bare their sweet bodies for epic calendar peeks. Also, Susan B. Anthony. Safe space! 

Loveliest of sextastic models such as Ebonee Davis and Anna Wolf and Alejandra Guilmant have gathered together here today for on must see calendar of pictures for 2017. The NU Muses Calendar. According to Greek legend that I perused back in third grade, the Muses were hot ladies who inspired men to write poems and empty their bank accounts buying expensive gifts. Take a gander through these topless stunning females and see if you don't feel like doing both of those. Just a hint, they don't need your poems. Oh, to be passion inducing and young and hanging on men's walls for an entire twelve months. It's the dream. Not mine. Mine is to be down by that shoreline. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: NU Muses