Anastasiya Scheglova Black And White Topless Goodness

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bill-swift - November 3, 2016

Anastasiya Scheglova isn't just any young Russian model hottie who performs half of her photoshoots in the nude or topless. She just happens to be my favorite. I'm a fickle man with fickle needs, though not so whimsical that they won't always and often include one sweetheart model with a stellar body repeatedly showing off for the cameras. That's the kind of benevolency this would could use more of.

Anastasiya is a pretty name but she might have to shorten or modify as she inevitably makes her move West to the capitals of fashion and hotness and money where people suck at foreign pronunciations. I'd go with Ana. Or, the third Mrs. Swift. Our honeymoon shall be glorious. The screams and moans of passion emanating from our budget hotel room will be the stuff of legend in Wichita for generations to come. Even when you're not in the room with me, Ana, they shall continue. Such is the nation of funbag inspired passion. It's limitless. Or until the big game comes on. Every rule needs exceptions. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Alina Lebedeva