Barbara Di Creddo Black And White Topless

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michael-garcia - September 2, 2016

Brazilian hottie Barbara Di Creddo does a sexy topless spread in black and white. That it's not in color makes it look artistic and not like just a nudie picture of some girl. One thing is for sure, it's breathtaking. All she's wearing is a leather jacket, a pair of panties, and a smile. Barbara has got a fabulous pair of ta-tas. They are the kind of jugs that make a man want to take a girl out for a nice steak dinner and then bring her home for some passionate but gentle lovemaking down by the fire. Barbara is also further proof of why I need to go to Brazil on my next vacation. They produce the single sexist women in the history of the planet. I want to go where I can be surrounded on all sides by gorgeous women in bikinis.

In the meantime I have these pics of Barbara showing off her goodies.  


Photo Credit: Mark Squires