Berit Birkeland Nude For Michael Woloszynowicz Photoshoot

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aldo-vallon - July 17, 2017

Berit Birkeland knows how to tease in all the right ways. Seeing her in that leather jacket makes me want to buy a bike and make a whole lot of bad decisions. I do mean a bicycle, I know my limits and readily admit that I possess neither the skills nor the coolness legally required to ride a motorcycle. But riding without a helmet will still give off that dangerous vibe women find so irresistible, or so I am told.  

With that tight waif-like body it is impressive to see she still has an ass that would put most other women to shame. It may not be the biggest these sorry eyes have ever seen, but it is as if it was 3D printed for perfection.  

Normally I do not care much for the teasing aspects of seduction, but Berit really knows how to make it work for her. Hell, even seeing her ass bare makes me wonder what it would look like in a pair of yoga pants. Damn society, how is a man supposed to appreciate a naked body like that when it keeps pushing these insanely attractive cultural norms upon us? Books and films warned us about a tyrannical government. Why did they not warn us about the dystopian future where yoga pants could outshine a naked body?

Photo Credit: Michael Woloszynowicz