Brooklyn Kelly and Kati Garnett Naked Beach Bums

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brian-mcgee - June 27, 2017

While the term beach bums usually has a negative connotation, when you're talking about literal bums on display at the beach, and those bums belong to Brooklyn Kelly and Kati Garnett, it's impossible to think anything remotely negative. The sight of Brooklyn Kelly naked alongside Kati Garnett naked in the crystal clear waters of Fiji is enough to make anyone ready for a day at the beach.

There are many reasons to envy the life of a photographer and I think they're all summed up perfectly in this photo set. Can you imagine if it were your job to fly to Fiji and photograph Brooklyn Kelly and Kati Garnett totally nude in one of the most gorgeous locations on earth? Man, that's what I call making your vocation your vacation. Not many people in this world have got it figured out, but I'd be hard-pressed to argue that Cameron Mackie isn't one of them.

Rather than wallow in jealousy over some hip photographer's job, I'm going to choose to focus on the positive and enjoy the fruits of that photographer's labor. And when those fruits are the naked bodies of Brooklyn Kelly and Kati Garnett, it doesn't take much arm twisting. Enjoy!

Images via Cameron Mackie