Chloe Goodman Forgets To Wear A Bra

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aldo-vallon - November 5, 2017

 It seems like women these days forget to wear bras about as often as men forget about wearing condoms. "Oh, what's that? My boobs are flopping about and you can see my nips? I didn't even realize." I am not buying it. For that to happen they would need to have the observational skills of a six year old playing a wordsearch and they would have to have the sensitivity of a terminator. In all my years of being a functioning adult I have never once forgot to put my socks on before sticking my feet into my shoes, while sober. I have never neglected to slip a pair of boxers on before sliding into a pair of pants, again, while sober. If I have a few drinks in me I am lucky if I can find my way to the right holes in my t-shirt, so all bets are off in regards to everything else. I am sensing something much more sinister afoot. These women are slowly trying to desensitize us to braless boobies so that they can do it all the time. Now us men just have to act like we don't care and we will have an unlimited supply to ogle.


Photo Credit: Instagram / Getty Images / Backgrid USA