Emma Barber is Fruity!

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Tex Hollywood - September 10, 2020

Her name is Emma Barber and she's a model you can follow on instagram HERE .

I am actually pumped on this shoot, in part for introducing us all to Emma Barber, who I am sure none of you have ever heard of. She only has 1,500 followers, so it's like we're gold miners striking gold, or a Oil Prospector finding oil on our property like we're the Beverly Hillbillies, you know a magical and lucky strike.

Emma is posing with some Watermelons, which opens the doors for you all to make melon jokes. Typical dude, but she's also feeding herself grapes like a Greek God only without the servants and concubines, but rather handling it herself. She's also taken the lemons life has given her and made some lemonade on her chest. So overall, this is a happy and healthy, nutritious and delicious, great way to wake up shoot. Basically a smoothie, if a smoothie was a wonderful hot, thin, model.


PHOTOS BY George Coleman


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