Eniko Mihalik Naked Goodness in BeCool Magazine

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bill-swift - December 13, 2016

When it gets down to the business of finding supermodels to get naked and pour water over their fine funbags, you're going to want to begin in a Central European land like Hungary where the most lust inducing of women are also not shy about sharing the treats and teats that mother nature has gifted them. Like you put that vase on display your in-laws gave you when they come to visit. Only vases are boring and sweet mams on hot women are the most amazing thing ever invented.

Eniko Mihalik may make most of her bones modeling fashion, but she has no qualms about being topless or even butt naked for photoshoots of the erotic kind. She's versatile. Also ridiculously hot and benevolent. Though a woman should never have to pour her own water over her chest puppies. Such a shame I missed my true calling in life. How many photos can a wicked hot woman do naked on all fours? Let's keep going until we find that answer. Enjoy.

Photo credit: BeCool Magazine