Erika Albonetti Has The Best Nips of 2018… So Far!

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brian-mcgee - January 2, 2018

I know that we're only now just sorting through all of the "Best" things that happened in 2017, but is it too early to start naming contenders for next year's various lists? I've got us an early contender for the best nipples of 2018, and they belong to the gorgeous and toplessĀ Erika Albonetti. In fact, this calls for a Jukebox Selects in honor of this momentous occasion...

Were I to serenade Erika Albonetti's nipples with any song at all, it would have to be the Joe Esposito classic "You're the Best" from 1984's immortal flick The Karate Kid. Sure, that song may be referring to Daniel LaRusso and his ability to kick snobby rich kids illegally in the face, but it could very well have been retroactively inspired by the perfection that is Erika Albonetti and her nipples.

Those are the best nipples around, and nothing's ever gonna keep them down. Except, inevitably, gravity. That will bring your nipples down, but that won't be for sixty years or so, so I recommend enjoying Erika's amazing areolas while they're at their perkiest. They are, quite simply, the best around.

Photo Credit: Photography by Yan Bertoni