German Skier Christina Geiger Nude Photoshoot

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bill-swift - February 9, 2017

Skiing is a wonderful sport. You really have to admire the athletes who partake. I'm trying to sound nice. I mostly like to see the female participants without their clothes on. So, like every other sport. Don't hate me for being the only honest man in this world.

Christina Geiger was an alpine skier for her native Germany. Now she's wicked hot and naked in a lovely warm winter setting. That body on her seems like something perhaps more curvaceous than you'd expect in a competitive skier. Though I suppose you never know what's truly under those winter sports garments until you spy in the ladies' locker room. So you see I have a reason behind my peeping. Christina, I admire your athletic prowess. At least the prowess in the places I can't stop staring at. Enjoy.