Holly Peers Topless In Fur

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bill-swift - March 15, 2016

Holly Peers isn't just a name or a woman or just a glamour model from the foggy side of the Atlantic. She's a thunder striking Valkyrie of the boobtastic and baring variety. In short, she's got more tools, skills, and ferocity in her two funbags than most people have or experience in the whole. She sounds dangerous, and she is. But she uses her power for the purposes of good. To unleash the tingles across the world of men for the one low price of completely free. Ride Valkyrie, ride.

Featured in her new Page 3 magazine spread, Holly shows us once more how ridiculously hot a single woman with two blessed teats and a penchant for sharing can be without anything else really need. One to measure, one to rake. Holly, what you do to me can't be described in words. I'd have to let my happy parts read you a poem they wrote. It's in perfect verse, though the last two pages are now stuck together. Bad parts, bad. Bless you, Holly Peers. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Page 3