Jessica Paszka Gets Topless In A Bath

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michael-garcia - September 20, 2016

German hottie Jessica Paszka sheds her top in a bathtub on Big Brother Germany. It must get boring to be in that house all the time with the carnival freak rejects that they cast on that show, especially if you are a hottie like Jessica. So, I imagine that sometimes you want to get away from it all and take a nice relaxing soak in a tub. There is nothing sexier in the world, boys, than getting in the tub with a woman. You'll have a grand old time...depending on the girl, of course. But I bet Jessica would be a lot of fun. If nothing else you'd get to see those lovely jugs in person. That would be reason enough to get wet. Not that you need a reason to take a bath with a woman. The end is the means.

I wish they showed stuff like this on our version of Big Brother. Then people might actually watch that show. 


Photo Credit: 'Big Brother Germany'