Jodie Gasson Topless Trying on Bikini

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bill-swift - April 21, 2016

Look, if you had a body like Jodie Gasson, you'd probably spend several hours a day in the mirror trying on things, taking them on, trying on more things. Which bikini makes my ridiculously desirable curvaceous body look that much more insanely belusting. Something like that. I'd probably add in lots of break for soaping my funbags in the shower and bath. Cleanliness is next to tingliness.

Jodie Gasson has the kind of female form that seems built for long lasting play sessions. Oh, some like the skinny girls, but you don't need a girl getting lightheaded on day one of your four day long locked in a cabin sexual deviancy marathon. You want a lady with some girth and weight about her frame, and a body to match her bodacious sweet melons. All just right and soft and sweet. You want Jodie Gasson. But her lots of bikinis to try on. Trust me, you get all the benefits. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: GirlFolio