Kendall Jenner Wardrobe Malfunction Shows Her Nipples In Sheer Top

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brian-mcgee - October 10, 2018

Like the man in cellophane pants of old, we can clearly see Kendall Jenner's nuts. Nuts for see-through tops, amirite? I got nothing here. I spend most of my day writing articles I'm fairly certain no one reads. It gets old after a while. Hang on a second, they're popping in to check on me...

Kendall Jenner is wowzapoppin' our retinas with her amazing areolas. There's no doubt this girl is on fire!

Much like my urine lately. Have I told you guys it started burning when I pee. I also pee fire now. Like literal fire, but every doctor I go to is like, "Toilets are full of water, this doesn't really sound like a medical emergency to me. How did you get this number, this is my unlisted lake house in Wisconsin. I'm contacting the authorities."

Fucking doctors, amirite? What do they know? This guy thinks he's better than me just because he went to school for a couple years longer than I did and got several degrees and did a residency and set up his own practice all because he wants to help people? Snobby know-it-all piece of shit.

Arooooooooooooga! Kendall Jenner's nipples are all I've ever needed to achieve happiness! Now my life is complete and I can die happy. Tonight. I'm not kidding this time, I'm really gonna do it.

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Photo Credit:MEGA / Backgrid USA