Kristen Bell Just Photographed Possibly Cheating On Dax Shepard Plus Here Are Her Nude Scenes

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earl-jonas - June 27, 2019


Kristen Bell will take any project that she catches a whiff of - which just I was reminded of when I saw her hawking rental cars in an Enterprise commercial - and it looks like her latest project might be boinking some eight-foot tall unidentified goober. All he did was say "hi." The girl can't say no.

Bell was photographed in Los Angeles heading out of her gym hand-in-hand with Jolly Green Goober, leading many to suspect that her marriage with Dax Shepard - the marriage that they publically defend allll the time to their very cores - is a sham. Or, Goober is Bell's gay bestie and she enlisted him to hold hands in front of the paps for publicity because again, Kristen Bell loves attention. And we love that she loves attention. Endearing alert.

Anyway this is the prestigious news organization Egotastic All Stars, and democracy dies in darkness and stuf, so let's get to the important shiz. Kristen Bell has gone nude a couple of times. Once by accident when she had a nip slip in 2004's Spartan, and once in 2013's The Lifeguard when she flashed her ass while getting banged in the pool bathroom by a teenager. Fun for the whole fam and such.


Photo Credit: MEGA