Lea Jones Tousled, Topless, Tantalizing

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brian-mcgee - August 3, 2017

The hair flip. A simple gesture that takes on such incredible allure when done by a beautiful topless woman like Lea Jones. When a woman has long hair and just lets it drape about her shoulders, it can be stunning, but if that same woman tousles her hair in just the right way, letting it flip over one shoulder or into a mess that looks like she just woke up, it can take on a new level of sexiness.

Perhaps it's because she's got her hair tousled and she's topless and in bed, but Lea Jones does look like she just woke up, presumable after a night of some hard fuckin'. The way she stares at the camera, her hair flipped about as if she's trying to get it out of her eyes so she can gaze upon you, it's just incredible.

If you find yourself alone in bed tonight, I recommend grabbing these pics and just pretending that Lea is right there next to you, nonchalantly flipping her hair out of the way to get one more look at you before... Well, I don't want to dictate your fantasies. Enjoy! 

Photo Credit: Dennis Kilch