Let’s Get This Controversy Started: Fake Butt J’accuse At The Last Ever Miss Bumbum Final In Brazil

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brian-mcgee - November 6, 2018

Now that the Miss Bumbum Competition has been put to bed, we can Monday morning quarterback all about the many decisions and missteps that led to this moment. Of course, the real controversy has to be over the use—or alleged use—of butt implants. Nothing taints a big butt competition quite like accusations of implants, but this is the time for us to set the record straight on this.

Northern Brazil was represented amongst the finalists in the form of 31-year-old Ellen Santana, who was eventually crowned the winner. This didn't sit well with Southern Brazil's Aline Uva, who hurled accusations of ass implants just before hurling fists in Santana's direction.

The shit hit the proverbial fan and the competition ended in rather ignominious fashion. Can't we celebrate big asses anymore without having to hear about whose big ass is fake and whose big ass is real. I know fake news is all the rage these days, but fake asses are simply not a thing that deserve a moment of consideration.

You can read the whole saga for yourself below, but let's hope that one day, when the dust settles, we can see all these asses for their beauty. Fake or real.

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Photo Credit: Splash News