Lindsey Lamson Topless Blonde Outside

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aldo-vallon - September 28, 2017

 What kind of ab exercises does one need to do in order to get that line going down the center like Lindsey Lamson has? It cannot be from normal crunches because that would have to cause other abs to form and all she has is a two pack. Maybe she has implants in her stomach. I could believe she has a couple of pool noodles stuffed in there to add some definition. It shows some great restraint on her part as well. Some men get intimidated when a woman is real muscular and sometimes all it takes is a shredded eight pack. If she was to to have implanted an egg carton in there I might have to say it was too much, but this still looks quite feminine. I do not know what I would need to have implanted under my skin in order to get something that resembles washboard abs. Maybe I would have to go to the extreme of actually getting an old washboard from an antique store. It may not give the right aesthetic but at least it would feel good under a shirt.  


Photo Credit: Lions Magazine