Lucy Collett Topless Black Lingerie Striptease

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bill-swift - February 9, 2016

Not that all the models and sextastic celebrities we cover on Egotastic are on the gaunt side, though that is the tendency of the ladies in the forever public spotlight. As an antidote to the slender gals, I ever turn to my full bodied redheaded goddess Lucy Collett who maintains a Rubenesque figure so that you can dream the dream of many pillows and naughty soft landings amid the heavenly soft mams of Lucy and her curvaceous body wonderments.

Lucy reminds us that good things come in soft package with no straight lines anywhere to be seen. She may be too much woman for some of you, but I know a whole wide swath of the prurient peepers who delight in a lady with a little jiggle and juice. I can't imagine a much funner shaped woman that Lucy, or a more benevolent sharer of her blessed teats and treats. All hail, Lucy. For when her clothes come off, the private party fun time has just begun. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Lucy V

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