Lucy Pinder Topless Pooltime

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michael-garcia - August 11, 2016

Lovely Lucy Pinder is in a sexy tiny bikini. Then she takes it off and the fireworks really start. What can you say about Lucy's ginormous funbags? Every superlative that I can think of: gargantuan, luscious, exemplary, boobtacular does not do them justice. You have big ta-tas and then you have Lucy's knockers. All other hooters on Earth should be judged in comparison with Lucy's funbags. If Plato was still around and he saw this post, he would agree that Lucy Pinder's ta-tas are the Platonic form of the chichi. Maybe this is all philosophical, but that's what Lucy's tender melons make me feel. 

What more do you want? Look at these pics, my friends and enjoy. It is our gift to you. You're welcome. 


Photo Credit: Lucy Pinder