Malin Akerman Topless in ‘Billions’ Season Two

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bill-swift - March 28, 2017

It's possible there's too much television these days. Certainly, there's too much craptastic TV. Also possible there's too much even worth watching. Who can keep up with even the good shows? Billions on Showtime is supposed to be viewable. The guy from Homeland does something to somebody and he gets upset and it's about money but it doesn't matter because in Season 2 Malin Akerman gets topless and all is well with the visual leering world.

I'm not sure what separates the good shows from the great, but guessing the selection of celebrity sextastic bare funbags is as sure a bet as any. Malin briefly bares her funbags in a making of the sexy scene that lets you know this show is for real. Granted, she's given up her Swedish mams in previous filmed ventures, but it's still a solid omen. More so than a subjective Emmy or such. Let Malin's bare teats be our guide. You could do much much worse. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Showtime