Marisa Papen Nude With Fireworks

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bill-swift - July 14, 2017

I'll be the first to admit I don't quite understand the artistic take on these Marisa Papen hot nude photos. I'm always the first to admit I don't understand any artistic takes. I mean, I understand Marisa Papen and her Belgian uber-hotness. I certainly understand her allure when it comes to being topless and naked and showing off her fine female parts. Fireworks blends, not so much.

Nevertheless, you can't take my ogling eye off the hottie prize. Marisa Papen nude is certainly one of the highlights of my day slash entire life. Her sweet feminine goodness and that body on her make me wish I wasn't so horrible at romantic poetry, let alone poetry, let alone my native English language. I could woo Marisa like a woman's never been wooed before. Albeit, I'm fairly lazy and mostly broke. I love romantic strolls on the beach, Marisa. Us walking, you naked. We can make our own fireworks. Production arts be damned. I know I'm in lust because I'm sweating from glands I didn't even know I had. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Brandy Eve Allen