Now We Can See Just How Far Farrah Abraham Went With Her Butt Injections

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earl-jonas - August 15, 2019

Farrah Abraham made waves on the Dark Horny Web when she posted not only a video of herself getting butt injections, but also the aftermath - some significant bruises on her derrière that she wore with pride while in a hot bikini. This is the kind of dedication to sexpottery that we're looking for. Now, months later, we can see that the injections have settled in nicely and that Abraham truly looks sexier than ever. If that's even possible, because the woman has been owning the bikini game for years. For these new pap pics, Abraham was simply minding her business at a hotel pool in Los Angeles when the paps caught a whiff of her signature musk. In a primal rage the paps flocked to Abraham's side, and boy are we glad that we have these results. I'm also throwing in some pics of Abraham completely nude taken in 2018, because hey, something's got to get you through this workweek. Enjoy...

Photo Credit: MEGA