Paula Bulczynska Topless For The View Magazine

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bill-swift - January 14, 2016

Is it me or have we been seeing a lot of the black and white sets for our most loveliest topless ogle-worthy ladies lately? A return to a more prominent art form of days gone by. Black and white or color or just scratch and sniff, all of these work well for me when feasting peeps upon the spectacularly hot and funbag perfect Paula Bulczynska.

Paula and I have had a lust affair with her amazingly sextastic body going on two plus years now, with me whining and pining for a peek or touch, and her not knowing who the hell I am. Relationships might be built on trust, but they're often started on one-sided stalking in my experience. Paula's fine female form is now on display in The View Magazine where you can behold her boobtastic of perfection and an au natural Polski in her zone of hotness. I'm not sure you will ever see much more inspiring wonderments if you live to be a thousand. Which only sounds the least bit appealing to me if Paula stays 25 the entire time. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: The View Magazine

Paula owns my soul and the portal to it in my... never mind, you know.