People Are Calling Indie Movie “A Thought of Ecstasy” Pornographic, And, Well It Is?

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earl-jonas - August 28, 2019


We love dumpy indie movies as much for their hilarious critical write-ups as for their often very naked chicks. Nudity is art. And so is this little blurb about the 2018 indie A Thought of Ecstasy from Variety:

[A Thought of Ecstasy is] a dull, pretentious desert-wasteland psychosexual drama sprinkled with scenes of fetishistic pornography.

Ha. Drag them. The film is described as "arthouse erotic psychodrama" and is meant to follow in the vein of directors like David Cronenberg and David Lynch. But it ends up being more like David Dumpsterfire. No matter. We're loving the full nudity in A Thought of Ecstasy, so instead of seeing the whole thing, why not just peep the awesome T&A&Vag&Dicksucking from screen legends Lena Morris and Ava Verne right here. Enjoy you art lover you...

Head here for allllll of the full scenes