Rihanna Sheer Topless Music Video for Needed Me

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bill-swift - April 20, 2016

You could listen to Rihanna's music, or just take my word for it that's it all about sex posing as female empowerment. Not that sex can't be empowering for women, I like to think my partners are at least getting a decent nap out of the experience. But this is more primal than social justice and emotional well-being. This is just raw human sexuality. Bump and grind. Grind, and bump some more. And Rihanna ever mostly naked to seal the deal.

In Needed Me, Rihanna saunters about in a robe so sheer her bare funbags are more than visible, which is entirely the point, but ta-ta's make everything wonderful. Or in the very least more sellable. I must say if I posted stills of this music video on YouTube, they would take away another Google account from me. Which seems unfair. But as long as Vevo and YouTube are making money and we get our Rihanna bare sweet teats, I'm above complaining about double standards. Sort of. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Rihanna 'Needed Me' / Instagram