Sammy Braddy’s Casual Type Topless Thing

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bill-swift - April 17, 2017

Sammy Braddy is one helluva woman. If you're judging merely by looks and actions, which seem to me to be the better part of our process here, Sammy is one fine female form intent on giving back to the ogling gentleman of the world for the sheer sake of smiles. Like a saint on earth with magnificent bare funbags.

The point of Sammy even getting dressed is to enable her to remove her clothes in a striptease of inevitable joyful ending. Those mams on Sammy belong in some kind of Hall of Fame. Or my close of shame, in a more perfect world. The loveliest of lasses with the most spectacular of peaches. Pick your theme and artistic expression. All we see if sextastic and it's beaming in all directions. I'm going to need the ice bucket groin challenge to quench this feeling. Sammy, you are so damn naughty and nice in equal measure.


Photo Credit: Sammy Braddy