Sherry Chio Naked Around The House

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michael-garcia - September 8, 2016

Sexy vixen Sherry Chio let it all hang out around the house in this shoot for S Magazine. Sherry looks like every girl I see in Williamsburg that I want to talk to but chicken out. A truly hipster babe. In these pics she's roaming around her apartment completely naked, like you do. Sherry has an ample rack. It kind of reminds me of this girl that I had a friendly arrangement with in my youth. She had ta-tas exactly like Sherry's. In fact she even looked like her. I wonder if I can find that girl on Twitter? In the meantime I can enjoy these pics of Sherry. We also see the hair on her lady mound which is in the shape of a perfectly delineated triangle. I wouldn't mind finding the hypotenuse of that triangle. 

Why don't I have gorgeous women wandering around my house naked? What am I doing wrong? I really need to lose some weight and get rich like yesterday to make that happen. 


Photo Credit: S Magazine