Supermodels Bare Their Nips Loud And Proud On The Madrid Fashion Week Catwalk

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brian-mcgee - July 10, 2018

As someone totally disconnected from the fashion world, I'm always amazed to find out that there's another "Fashion Week" happening somewhere in the world. However, as a fan of breasts, I try my best to stay abreast of the latest news of nipples being spotted on the various runways across the globe, and there were plenty to see at Madrid Fashion Week.

It also strikes me as strange when these hot models are wearing clothes with no breast covering whatsoever. I have yet to see anyone wear one of these outfits off of a fashion runway, though maybe that's the point. I have no idea, I mean, I've seen The Devil Wears Prada, and I remember her whole speech about how we're all affected by the fashion world, but it still makes no sense.

Perhaps fashion designers are just too forward thinking for the rest of us. Maybe they want the world to be filled with bare breasts and exposed nipples, and that's an admirable goal I hope they continue to strive toward. Perhaps one glorious day, years from now, I might be able to walk down the street and see regular women wearing clothes without breast coverings. Hey, a guy's gotta dream.

Photo Credit: Splash News