Take a Steamy Shower with Laura Lynn

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aldo-vallon - December 5, 2017

 I sure hope Laura Lynn is not too preoccupied with being sexy that she is not also being safe. That grip she has on the top of that shower does not seem to be very secured. One misstep and she could be face down on the floor wishing she had ordered one of those Life Alert buttons instead of only laughing at the commercial. All I am saying is that I hope there was a spotter just outside of the frame ready to to step in if needed like I always see that those gymnasts have. 

We all know that a good portion of home injuries take place in the bathroom, so it seems like they are laughing in the Devil's face by doing this shoot in there. What's wrong with the bedroom? It is cushion. It is dry. There is a reason why it is always included in the top twenty desired places for love making. I understand that it might feel a bit over used at this point, but there is also no risk of a worker's comp settlement either. 

Photo Credit: Photographer Gabe Vazquez for B-Authentique

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