The Crazy Nude And Lesbian Scenes From Gaspar Noé’s Climax Are Finally Here

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earl-jonas - May 31, 2019


Erotic filmmaker Gaspar Noé's latest thirstbucket project Climax is now available to rent on all of your favorite streaming platforms, which means you can let out a nice thick stream to some truly amazing nudity. Is it as good as what we got from Noé's 2015 unsimulated kinkfest Love 3D? Sadly, Noé. But we do get breasts from Sharleen Temple, bush from Léa Vlamos, and plenty of crazy lesbian action. Oh, and there's even a plot. Apparently, it's about a bunch of dancers celebrating the end of a great season at a party with sangria that they don't know is laced with a hallucinogenic. Then they bang each other. Gaspar Noé. Always giving the people what they want.

Photo Credit: Rectangle Productions