Tirra Dent Totally Nude in the Horror Flick ‘Glass’

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aldo-vallon - February 2, 2019

I can think of no more of an appropriate place to exercise naked than in your own living room, even if that living room happens to have large un-tinted windows that look out upon a city from a high-rise. I mean, it’s your room, you can do what you want in it.

I have a theory that you are safer from prying eyes while living in a high-rise than you are while living in suburbia. I think there is a certain degree of herd immunity that applies to living in an apartment complex because the odds of anyone finding you while you are naked are so slim. I’m just saying, if you find a voyeurs video of yourself in the internet then you should probably go out and buy a lottery ticket because your luck has never been better.

When you live in a house in suburbia there are so few options of where to look for your entertainment, of course someone is going to start peeping in on their neighbors to see what is going on. Occasionally that may even lead to a quick 911 call because they found out there neighbor was having a heart attack. So I guess those people sacrifice private nude exercise for lifesaving response times.




Photo Credit: Mr. Skin