Ali Michael Arty Topless For V Magazine

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michael-garcia - September 7, 2016

Ali Michael got topless in this over-the-top art spread for V Magazine. I'm not going to lie to you, these pictures are weird. They are hot, but definitely strange. She's got on body paint and a bunch of random stuff stuck to her. But what you can clearly see are her lovely jubblies popping through the wacky plant woman costume or whatever. You can see, for instance, that her nips are pierced. Normally, that would be the focal point of the pic. But here is just so much crap in the way. Still, being all arty like this makes the photographer and magazine feel better like they aren't just taking pictures of naked women.

I look forward to seeing Ali in a less busy piece next time. Why make things complicated. Have her take off her clothes, point the camera, and shoot. Is that so hard? 


Photo Credit: V Magazine